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1. To begin with

Trim:Always include trim marks (trim area is the final size of your print job).

Internal Bleed: We require 3mm of internal bleed on all files (5mm on all booklets) – that means you need to keep all your important information away from this area.

External Bleed: We require 3mm of external bleed on all files (5mm on all booklets) Your job is printed on a larger sheet than its finished size and then trimmed to size. External bleed is the area extending past your trim area and allows for a small amount of movement that may occur when your work is being cut to size.

2. Creating your file

We require all files to be supplied as pdf files. If your job is single sided then you simply supply a one-page pdf. If your job has two pages i.e.: a front and a back then we need a two-page pdf file, the first page of your pdf will be the front page and the second the back page. If you have a job with multiple kinds then you simply supply one two-page pdf for each kind.

3. Supply in CMYK mode

You will have more control over the final appearance of your print job if you convert all of your images from RGB to CMYK before sending them to us.

4. File format

We accept all industry standard programs – Adobe Creative Suite. We do however require print ready PDF files created to our own specifications. Files provided in another format will require our operators to complete a manual change and may incur a nominal charge.

If you have any issues with getting you file print ready please contact us.