Printing is only half the story. It is those finishing touches that make all the difference and we offer a wide range of finishing options that will help bring print jobs to life.


At The Print & Courier Co we offer the following finishing processes:


Trim individual sheets or stacks of paper.


Bind individual sheets of paper to make books or booklets.

Folding (A7 – A1)

Precise folding for finished print items.


Adds a plastic coating to print products.


Creasing can make folding printing products easier.


Description: A line of holes to allow tearing or folding.

Spot U

Varnish is applied to selected spots.Spot UV is the process by which a glossy or other finish is applied to selected spots on print products for design or colour-enhancement.


Creates holes in print materials. Drilling creates holes in printing materials, which can be useful for binding or other purposes.

Round Cornering

Create round corners for aesthetic effect. This process allows you to create round corners on your documents and other print materials for a special aesthetic effect.


Ordering your products for dispatch. Print products can be collated and ordered according to your specification before dispatch.


Securing print products onto another surface.


Number and identify print materials. Print and apply sequential numbers for individual print material items that are in sets. Choose from different fonts and ink.

Saddle Stitching

Securely bind your materials with saddle stitching. This is a popular method for binding books and booklets, whereby the sheets are folded and stapled using saddle wire.